RAND Health Group Algorithm Identifies Fall-related Costs in Medicare Data

Researchers at the RAND Health Group in Santa Monica, California, recently created an algorithm that identifies falls-related healthcare costs in fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare and Medicare Advantage records. Now it will be easier and faster to discover falls-related costs compared to screening medical records or relying on patient self-reports to obtain the data.

The researchers first identified falls in acute inpatient, skilled nursing, and emergency department settings.… Read-more

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Additional Medical Costs from Inpatient Falls

Researchers in Japan used administrative profiling data from two teaching hospitals to determine the additional medical costs incurred by inpatient falls. Inpatient falls were identified from incident reports. Shimane University Hospital (SUH) documented 588 falls and St. Mary’s Hospital (SMH) had 1168 falls, these were among 4669 and 7717 total incidents for each hospital, respectively.

Minor injuries from falling incurred additional costs of $364±2129 at SUH and $114±124 at the SMH.… Read-more

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Falls during Stroke Rehabilitation Affect LOS but Not Discharge Destination

A small retrospective cohort study at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University of Toronto, evaluated the consequences of falling during inpatient stroke rehabilitation. The total length of stay, functional status at discharge (by the functional independence measure, FIM) and discharge destination were compared in people who fell (n=106) and non-fallers (n=212). Age, functional status, and post-stroke time were similar in both groups.Read-more

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Prostate-selective Alpha Antagonist Increases Fall and Fracture Risk

A study in Ontario, Canada, asked whether men initiating treatment with prostate-specific alpha antagonists have an increased risk of fall and fracture. Investigators compared two cohorts, one of 147,084 men with newly initiated tamsulosin, alfuzosin, or silodosin, and another with age- and gender-matched men who did not use these agents. The men were aged ≥ 66 years and had initiated therapy between June 2003 and December 2013.Read-more

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Inpatient Falls in Elderly Patients Associated with Nursing Home Placement

This prospective cohort study evaluated whether inpatient falls affected nursing home placement after hospital discharge. A total of 2,945 elderly patients with a mean age of 82.8 ±7.6 years participated in the study. During a median stay of 11 days, 8.7% of the patients fell, and 25.7% of the patients who fell sustained an injury. Approximately half of the patients fell two or more times.Read-more

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