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RAND Health Group Algorithm Identifies Fall-related Costs in Medicare Data

Researchers at the RAND Health Group in Santa Monica, California, recently created an algorithm that identifies falls-related healthcare costs in fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare and Medicare Advantage records. Now it will be easier and faster to discover falls-related costs compared to screening medical records or relying on patient self-reports to obtain the data.

The researchers first identified falls in acute inpatient, skilled nursing, and emergency department settings.… Read-more

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Bed Height Affects Patient Entry and Egress

Getting in and out of hospital beds can be challenging and risky; up to 77.6% of inpatient falls happen at the bedside. A recent study evaluated the influence of hospital bed height on biomechanical variables related to falling. Hospitals often use low bed height to minimize patient injury from rolling out of bed or climbing over the bed rails.… Read-more

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Dual Task Effects on Falls Frequency

Performing two tasks at the same time is common in daily life, but may have serious consequences for older people and patients with impaired cerebellar function. New research explored how cognitive distraction affects motor performance in patients with chronic cerebellar disorders. Twenty patients with adult onset cerebellar disorders and 20 age-matched controls participated in the study.… Read-more

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Expanding Adverse Event Reporting to Drive Quality Improvement

A statewide advisory committee of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority recently developed a falls reporting program that extended the concept of falls prevention into the realm of quality improvement.1 The resulting Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS) uses set definitions of inpatient falls and a falls event decision tree that standardizes falls reporting.2 Hospitals enrolled in the program may access a number of different analytic reports related to inpatient falls from institutions system-wide.… Read-more

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Sensor Device Measures Chair Rise Performance

Chair rise is often used in the clinical assessment of fall risk status. However, chair rise assessments are subjective and the data is limited to the specific time of testing. On-body sensors that measure parameters relevant to fall risk have the potential to provide more accurate and ongoing assessment. A new study investigated the performance of a sensor-based chair rise solution for continuous fall risk assessment.… Read-more

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