Continuum of Care

the Upright fall prevention program across the

Continuum of Care

The Upright fall prevention program is designed to be utilized in a variety of care settings.  An individual who is at risk for a fall may experience a fall event without the appropriate awareness of fall risk and intervention within the community in which he or she lives.  The fall risk of the individual will also be present or may even be higher when access to health services and care are needed.

The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model was developed to standardize the fall risk assessment process of all individuals so the management of fall risk can be addressed throughout the care continuum.


Managed Care Acute Care Ambulatory Care Medical Home/
Assisted Living
Population Health

Managed Care

Managed care is a variety of techniques intended to reduce the cost of providing health benefits and improve the quality of care that organizations provide to members/enrollees. The goal is to create person-centered care plans with managed care techniques and concepts as part of a managed care delivery system.

The utilization of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model can help in the development and management of these individualized care plans through screening persons for fall risk with an evidence-based tool to provide specific information to care managers.

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