Using Beers Criteria to Improve Safety in Alternate Level of Care Patients

The Beers criteria identify potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs), which may cause adverse events in elderly patients. A new study applied the Beers criteria, retrospectively, to 52 alternate level of care (ALC) patients to determine whether PIMs had contributed to adverse events in this population. ALC patients, who have completed a hospital stay and await placement elsewhere, often have complicated medication regimens, the effects of which have not been previously examined in these patients.… Read-more

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Rehabilitation Inpatients Lack Self-awareness Regarding Fall Risk

Understanding the limited self-awareness of elderly patients has the potential to help identify patients with greater risk of falling and design strategies to prevent falls. A new prospective cross-sectional study involved older adult rehabilitation patients and their physiotherapists to measure aspects of self-awareness. The 91 inpatients in the study had a mean age of 77.97±8.04 years.… Read-more

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Optimizing Inpatient Observer Care

Providing observer care to patients is challenging and costly for hospitals. A team of nursing leaders and clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital deployed process improvement strategies to improve the clinical model for patient observation. The model aimed to provide unit staff with a standardized strategy for allocating resources and maintaining patient safety. The model was applied first in a surgical trauma unit where the team identified patients with delirium as the group requiring specific interventions.… Read-more

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No Increase in Inpatient Falls from Epidural Analgesia

Though postoperative epidural analgesia can provide significant benefits for abdominal and thoracic surgery patients, it may also be linked with decreased muscle strength, sympathetic tone, and proprioception, and could contribute to falls. Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management studied the effects of epidural analgesia on the incidence of inpatient falls.… Read-more

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STRATIFY Has Limited Accuracy in an Elderly Inpatient Population

A recent Australian study compared the St Thomas’s Risk Assessment Tool in Falling Elderly Inpatients (STRATIFY) and two modifications (Ontario Modified, OM; Northern Hospital Modified, TNH) in 217 inpatients. The prospective study found similar sensitivity between the three tools: STRATIFY, 80.0 (95% CI, 58.4 to 91.0%), OM, 80.0 (95% CI, 58.4 to 91.9%), and TNH, 85 (95% CI, 64.0 to 94.8%).Read-more

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