the Upright fall prevention program

A Vital Part of Your Facility’s IT Solution

The Upright fall prevention program can help with documentation of quality measures and management of the data derived from the EHR for reporting to other providers and payers.  The program incorporates fall risk assessment and management as part of the MACRA Quality Payment Program .


Rapidly Integrate the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model into any EHR System

There are numerous goals that can be met with the utilization of the Upright fall prevention program. Here is how Upright can provide enhancements to your solution by focusing on quality, improvement activities, advancing care and managing cost.

  • Use of the evidence-based Hendrich II Fall Risk Model as a true predictive assessment tool. It can be used as a screening tool to assess all patients who have a history of falls or identify risk factors that could result in a fall.
  • The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model helps standardize fall risk assessment in order to identify, document, analyze, and report meaningful data and communicate that data to all members of a patient’s healthcare team throughout the continuum.
  • The Upright Fall Prevention Program is designed to smoothly integrate into your EHR platform to help meet performance guidelines of the new Quality Payment Program.
  • The collection and documentation of meaningful data derived through our program will help organizations and physician practice groups effectively assess and manage fall risk within the patient populations that they serve. Our tools and resources are designed to support high quality, low cost, effective, and safe care to all adults.
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