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The Upright Fall Prevention Program

Upright is a comprehensive fall prevention program that includes the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model, online education and partner support.

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License the program for your organization

The Upright fall prevention program is designed to license your healthcare organization, practice settings, providers, and patient populations, with a fixed annual rate, during the term of the agreement.  The licensure agreement includes:

  • use of the research-based Hendrich II Fall Risk Model;
  • unlimited access to CE–approved, online education designed for all care providers;
  • partner support and additional fall prevention resources; and
  • pre-built pathways to integrate the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model into your existing EHR platform or Assessment Form.
What does the Upright fall prevention program achieve?

Upright helps predict and prevent injurious fall events to protect persons across the care continuum.


How does the Upright fall prevention program integrate into my facility?

Upright integrates into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems to keep care providers informed about a patient’s fall risk.

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