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Hendrich II Fall Risk Model

How It Works

The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model is the foundation
of the Upright fall prevention program

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Understanding Patient Falls:

Fall Facts

Discover the facts about falls and learn
how the Upright fall prevention program can
help reduce risk and claims

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Across the Continuum of Care:

Prevent Falls

The Upright fall prevention program utilizes
a person-centered care approach to fall prevention
in various settings of the care continuum

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Program Overview:

Empower Your
Care Providers

With the Upright fall prevention program,
your care provider will be prepared to
prevent injurious falls

About the Program

  • The Upright Fall Prevention Program

    Upright is a person-centered, comprehensive fall prevention and risk reduction program that utilizes the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model and incorporates 3 unique components.

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    Evidence-based Hendrich II Fall Risk Model

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    Unlimited use of CE-approved, online education

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    Resources and partner support

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    Is your current program effectively eliminating
    injurious falls using evidence-based knowledge?

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