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Validation of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model:
A Large Concurrent Case-Control Study of Hospitalized Patients

From Applied Nursing Research, Vol. 16, No. 1 (February), 2003: pp 9-21
by  Ann L. Hendrich, Patricia S. Bender and Allen Nyhuis

This case-control study of fall and non-fall patients in a large, diverse, acute-care tertiary facility was designed to examine all cases in each population. The purpose was to develop a predictive risk model. Cases (n=355) and controls (n=780) were randomly enrolled and assessed for more than 600 risk factors (intrinsic and extrinsic). Standardized instruments were used for key physical attributes as well as clinician assessments. A risk factor model was developed through stepwise logistic regression. Two-way interactions among the risk factors were tested for significance. The best-fitting model included 2 Log L chi square statistics, as well as sensitivity and specificity values retrospectively. The result of the study was the easy-to-use, validated Hendrich II Fall Risk Model, with 8 assessment parameters for high-risk fall identification tested in acute care environments.

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