FIM Predicts Rehab Inpatient Falls

A rehabilitation facility evaluated Functional Independence Measure (FIM) items and patient diagnoses to identify variables that were associated with high risk of falling. FIM scores and diagnoses were collected for the 174 patients in the study. Several FIM items were associated with high risk of falling, including toileting, bed transfer, tub/shower transfer, and stairs. Specific diagnoses associated with high fall risk were right stroke, traumatic brain injury, and amputation. These findings informed the development of a risk assessment tool that identified 20% to 30% of the inpatient population as high risk, and correctly predicted 90% of patient falls. The authors note that further research is needed to determine the effectiveness of this approach in predicting patients who are at high risk of falling.

Rosario ER, Kaplan SE, Khonsari S, Patterson D. Predicting and assessing fall risk in an acute inpatient rehabilitation facility. Rehabil Nurs. 2014; 39(2): 86-93.

Posted in Fall Prevention Research